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December 05, 2006


Meri Arnett-Kremian

Well...... surprise, surprise! I've cancelled my complaint to Better Business Bureau of Denver/Boulder.

There IS customer support at Pearl Street Software/Family Tree Legends. Mark Lang, who said that he is the only customer support person, answered my multiple emails last night. By way of explanation, he said that he had a bad virus and hadn't been working. Understandable! It doesn't necessarily explain the problems others of you have had in getting support for Family Tree Legends. However, I'm delighted to be proof that if you persist, your questions will be answered and the problem solved.

I want to reiterate that Family Tree Legends is generally dependable, easy to use, and has a lot of great features. I've recommended it to many people. I just hope that -- pending the sale of the company --- Cliff Shaw and the co-founders will continue to provide sufficient operational funding to insure adequate customer support. It would be a shame if this software option disappeared because of neglect or inattention.

Meri Arnett-Kremian

Does Family Tree Legends HAVE any customer support at present? After 5 unanswered support emails (explaining that I'd tried the solution outlined in FAQs had not solved the problem any of the five times I'd tried, so needed a more serious intervention), I'm beginning to think this is hopeless. I can't access my 22,000+ database containing over 15 years of dedicated research.

All I get when I try to get into the software is a logo screen...... nothing else. Uninstalling, deleting, emptying the trash, rebooting, and reinstalling is fruitless (same result -- logo screen only). This is terribly disappointing, as I've used this software pretty much since it was first offered. Customer support was always pretty fast and effective.

Can anyone either give me hope of a quick rescue or tell me how to somehow access my file and export it to Family Tree Maker (or recommend another powerful program that I might like better...... I loved Generations Millenium edition).

Meri Arnett-Kremian

My Family Tree Legends software crashed first thing Saturday morning....... only the logo page will come up. I went to the site and followed all the instructions for uninstalling and reinstalling (about six times) and it still won't work. I have no access to my 22,000+ plus database containing 15 years of dedicated research.

I think I've sent five emails to support............ with no response whatsoever. Does Family Tree Legends have customer support anymore? It sure isn't apparent from trying to access it. This is really disappointing. I've been a customer pretty much since the software was first offered (I abandoned Legacy Millenium edition).

I've got Family Tree Maker 2006 installed, but no family file. I haven't been able to successfully import my family file into that. It may be that the data file is corrupted as well as the program. Any suggestions to avert research withdrawal?

James Ogg

Heh Cliff - Great to hear from you and it is even better to hear that you are making progress in finding FTL a home. It is a great program with many happy users!
All the best and looking forward to your announcement!
Merry Christmas!!

Cliff Shaw

Lots of assumptions - fun to read though. Pearl Street Software is very much alive. We're due to make an announcement soon.

Thank you for your kind comments about how great FTL is (it's not a "was" but an "is" still). It has a VERY, VERY bright future that will make itself clear shortly.

Cliff Shaw

Ralph Link

If it is still for sale, it should hopefully be bought eventually. As people such as yourself find it impossible to get support and blog about it, the value of the company goes down with all the negative press and lost user base.

Very unfortunate too, was a great piece of software.

Ralph Link
genealogyPro Professional Genealogy Services
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James Ogg

Hi Gary,
I agree with you that the current fate of FTL is very sad! I too began using FTL and GenCircles in its first year and I am very sad that Cliff and team are apparently on the road to abandon what is the best genealogical software on the market (in my humble opinion!) Cliff's design was an extraordinary step in showing how the interent could be married to a desktop application for general users. There is great potential for further development and xml inclusion in both GenCircles and FTL.

When Cliff announced that they wanted to sell the business I am sure that there were interested parties. But after this amount of time I am afraid that nothing will happen. All I can imagine is that potential buyers read the FTL forum and were scared off by the number of unhappy users (which I believe is not indicative of how well the program works, just the level of service that users need!)

BTW - the Pearl Street is now incorporated in Delaware which is the US capital for US companies to incorporate due to tax and legal advantages. They have not moved from Boulder, I doubt that they would give up their access to the mountains and skiing!!

Let's hope there is a buyer out there who wants to acquire and invest in FTL. I will continue to use as long as I can!!!

Take care

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